Sunday, March 27, 2011

Samsung Apps Official Sweepstakes offer & get free Galaxy Tab


Samsung apps has recently completed 100,000,000 downloads of apps on its site .As a result it has decided to award loyal customers now.

To celebrate the 100 Million downloads, Samsung is organizing a Sweepstakes for loyal customers and people who download applications  from its app store. The offer is valid if you own any of the phones - Wave, Wave II, Wave 525, Wave 533, Wave 575, and Wave 723.

The Offer is a weekly prize draw for anyone who downloads an app from for the time period between March 25 and April 30 2011. Winning prizes include Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Player, USB drives and free Samsung App vouchers. Here is the picture which says it all

samsung-sweepstakes-offer details


Source :  Offficial link with details.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Video Keeper to download videos from youtube now available

Now finally a working application that can download youtube videos has arrived. This app is called Video Keeper  . This app can download videos from Youtube in upto 720 p (HD) resolution to video folder of your phone.
Earlier this app was available too but at that time the application was called Youtube Downloader HD.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Picsel Smart Office for Bada updated to 1.5

Picsel UK Ltd, a manufacturer of business productivity applications, today announced the launch of the new version of Smart Office version 1.5 for Bada  smartphones  and other platforms.
The newer version of application allows you to work on any Office document (Word / Excel / PowerPoint) and reading PDF documents with an incredible performance due to  pre-rendering in the phone's memory.This application can view , edit and create documents .

  Another new feature is ability to upload files to Dropbox, to allow other people to access existing files with their respective devices.
 It will enable a better view of the file explorer, will the selection of content (text, image, cell area) .
A similar integration is currently testing for Google Docs, tells Picsel Marketing Manager Zubair Salim.

This means you create and upload a file on your Samsung Wave and your friend can view and edit it on his Samsung Galaxy. In addition , this latest version of Smart Office will also be able to handle the formatting of numbers and calculations
 in Excel, open a document from an attachment post, change your PowerPoint slides, will introduce the "undo".
The product is compatible with all MS Office versions from Office 95 to 2010.
Bada Download link on samsungapps .

note: 1. Google maps for bada ia available here
         2. Cool sleek  Calculator widget for Samsung Wave and Bada is available here

Angry birds for Bada available for download

Angry Birds by Rovio Mobile is one of the most successful games of 2010. It already had enormous success on iPhone and Android. Seeing this the developer has announced availability for even PC windows and Mac, and then even Bada.
In  Angry Birds , players  attempt to take control of a group of birds that attempt to retrieve eggs that have been stolen by a gang of evil greenish  pigs.
Now the game works perfectly and smoothly even in Samsung wave and other bada phones. This version is specially crafted and modified for phones on bada platform esp. Samsung wave s8500 and s8530, Wave 533 etc.
This game has 45 levels
angrybird Badaangry birds bada

Download it here

Link 1


Link 3 ( If you are browsing on cell phone , then use this link 3 , for Angry birds download )
Note: our modified opera mini 6 for bada is also available here

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Opera mini 6 specially for Samsung Wave modified ( download )

Now with the official launch of opera mini 6 we have decided to make a special version which looks nice on samsung wave-
As usual, this is done to utilise HD super amoled display of samsung wave properly. This makes  opera mini  6 app look better and non pixelated. Also it utilises Bada platform's full power apart from that of Java, thus ensuring a faster and better user experience.
This version is full screen ,  rotates with orientation , supports swype too.
1. Before you install this version, delete old Opera Java App from the "Games and More" Folder
2. Put both .jad and .jar files on your Samsung Wave Phone  and install them.
3. Disable "Fit to Screen" and "Use virtual keypad" in "Games and More" Options panel for Opera Mini (if it's visible and causing trouble).
4. Start Opera, and change the following internal options: "Font size" to Medium ( Because "Small" font will be hard to read with this higher resolution settings)
 Link 1 to download 

Monday, March 21, 2011

live wallpaper 2 for samsung wave

yes guys you are right again !After the enormous success of our   first ever live wallpaper for samsung wave ., we are bringing you another live wallpaper for samsung wave s 8500 and s8530Thus  your phone has now more functionality similar to android  while retaining the core benefits  of the  bada platform Open-mouthed smile . This is amazing .just dowmload and you will say the same .

Download it using this link. 
Link2(if above link fails then  this will become live ! )

(diasable firefox adblock add on  if any problem occurs with 1st link) 

Note: copyrighted post. Ripping it off or the downloadable file to other sites  will invoke action and charges for penalty under federal law.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Opera mini 6 available for download

Opera Software ASA  has announced further one more update to its series of Opera  Mini and Mobile browsers, thus bringing up their version numbers to 6 and 11 respectively.

Opera isn't saying much about what the new features will be coming with these numbers , except for stating  that there will also be a version optimized for Android tablets and the iPad. Opera mini 6 has also improved  support for various  new web protocols and standards -- including upgraded support for the W3C Web Open Font Format (WOFF) and Google's new WebP  image protocol , along with HTML 5 support..
Here is the download link  that we  at Archiver Abhinav  managed to get from one of the opera employees.
.Link 1 to download opera mini 6 ( it works definitely)
 Link 2 to download opera mini 6 
link 3 (becomes active only when above links fail)
see/post comments please

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Live wallpaper for Samsung Wave (sea waves )

yes guys you read it right ! Presenting the first ever live wallpaper for samsung wave . Thus now your phone resembles android even more while retaining the speed and simplicity of bada platform Open-mouthed smile .
Download it using this link. 
Link2(if above link fails , this will become live ! )

UPDATE(April 2011): new amazing  live wallpaper for bada on cool Babe . See here.This is even better than this one.
Note:this post is copyrighted. Ripping it off or the downloadable file to other sites  will invoke action and charges for penalty under federal law.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Samsung Wave Nature Wallpaper collection -2

   Hi guys we are thankful to you for success of our previous set of Nature Wallpapers .

This is our second set of high resolution wallpapers based on nature theme for samsung

wave.  Just download them and enjoy.

download Link1

Mobile phone users can use this link-   Link 2




desktop nature wal

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Samsung hiring Nokia engineers for Bada

 Here is a good news for bada users. Samsung has decidedly made up it's mind to hire Symbian developers from Nokia as a part of it's strategy to Steer forward its flagship OS ,the bada beyond 2.0

Samsung lure seems to be trying to come to Nokia engineers unhappy with the company's recent strategic shift (to microsoft's windows 7) and work with their own operating system from Samsung system, reports Reuters.
Nokia announced in February that it use Windows Mobile as its main smartphone platform,which signaled a departure from the company's own Symbian operating system. The Finnish mobile phone giant said  on Wednesday that it begin consultation about the new strategy with the unions to  predict the outcome of  the loss of 5,000 in Finland as a consequence of the decision.

Other companies can take to the disenchantment among high-skilled labor Nokia, Samsung as an unofficial newsletter played. "If you're a Symbian developer unhappy about the recent announcement by Nokia, and therefore to show in search of a new platform for their talent, say" Hi! "And" Bada (operating system) are welcome, "said a newsletter written by a Indian unit of Samsung-developers on the web. "If you are new developments in the Bada, or move your application from Symbian, we want to welcome you." Bada is Samsung's platform for mobile phones in the mid to low range smartphone market.
Samsung said that the newsletter is not a formal announcement. It was sent to a worker at an event in India, and that the company did not hire strategically from Nokia.
Link to source- reuters (external link)

Opera mini jad resolution fixed for samsung wave

here is the direct link to download opera mini with solved jad file.. get it here  -


update: Opera mini 6 announced- download here

Download : Free nature wallpapers for samsung galaxy and wave scrollable

We are now bringing you another set of ultra-highdefinition wallpapers .This time the theme is Nature in its full HD  quality .

Download Link1(updated) .
Download  link 2     .
     Mobile phone users can use this Link3-Download 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Top 5 apps for bada April 2011

   Top 5 apps for Bada

Samsung now has a range of devices that ship with its flagship  Bada OS, the best of which being the recently released Wave II s8530. Samsung has released the list of top 6 applications with games and themes downloaded for Bada (Samsung Wave) this month,April 2011.

It’s not any surprise that the racing games will be in top 5 .Yes, the  “Need For Speed” continues to remain at the top spot on SamsungApps as it’s one of the only few mainstream developers to create an app apart from asphalt. Not to be overshadowed by the sky rocketting of android OS, Samsung is putting  more of heir energies into promoting Bada among the developers. Hence it's good to know  what is popular with those who opted to be different by choosing Samsung Wave (which runs of the Bada OS 1.2 now ). Here are the top 5  apps

Now  at the top of our must have app list for Bada is that of TuneIn Radio. The application provides access to thousands of different radio stations from across the world and features an intuitive and easy to use UI.  It has the coolest visualisation  we have seen in a Bada app ever , that can be accessed by double clicking on the screen while in the player. It even supports multitouch and the orientation sensor!. And best of all it’s absolutely  free!
Coming up  at number two is the Sims 3. We are that Sims has joined the party after Android,iPhone,Windows and mac.. It is a tasty looking application and has thankfully retained the clever control scheme that the app uses on other operating systems.
Number three is Weather Bug, a  neat application for quickly checking upweather in any city of world including forecasts. The app keeps things nice and simple, giving you location-based live weather information including temperature and wind direction.This app derives data from accuweather seen on iPhone 
SmartRunner is at number 4, SmartRunner is a new sportstracking and geotracking application for your Samsung Bada device, which allows you to record your next run, biking trip, hike, walk, ride, or any other outdoor activity and publish them on The application informs you in real time about your average and maximum speed, distance and calories burnt. 
Last but by no means least is Need for Speed Shift.  This app was there even in our last list.

Update: here are top 5 apps to stay healthy for Bada

Friday, March 4, 2011

Download : Free hot wallpapers for samsung wave scrollable

Hi friends, this is second  hot latest wallpaper set for samsung wave. It is available only in France for 1.5 . But  to celebrate one year of our site we are giving them free  .These are full sized scrollable wallpapers for samsung Bada phones like the Wave s8500 , wave s8530... To download these click on this pic -  

Also see True HD Nature wallpaper collection here (free till 31st May  only!)
Also Download  our best rated theme  for free here
Also  Google maps for bada is  here