Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Download Opera mini 6.5 for samsung wave

Hi friends .the latest version of opera mini 6.5 has been released . We have modified it specially for Samsung wave handsets especially the high resolution S8500 ,s8530 and s8600 (wave3) .
The modification includes support for
-1. HD display of wave
-2. Has auto rotate feature in background
-4.full screen mode

Besides Samsung Wave ,this opera mini will also work in other Samsung bada devices also like Samsung Wave Y, Samsung Wave M.
And one more thing - This new version of Opera Mini 6.5 is now able to show the actual amount received and transmitted data. Now you can accurately determine the number of saved traffic and money. The program compresses approximately 90% of traffic is significantly reducing the cost of mobile internet in contrast to the case of a standard browser. Download opera mini 6.5 for samsung wave here. Opera mini download 6.5 link

Also see here for another om 6 which works better on wave in my experience Http:// Update 12th Feb 2012 : Link correctedand updated  to latest  version of  6.5 after reading comments