Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dual boot Android on Samsung Wave

After many fakes a team of developers managed to run perfectly in the Android Wave Samsung S8500. There is even a tutorial on how to perform procedures with the firmware installation, but we will not publish it until the system is fully stable and functional.
The good news is that it will work on Dual-Boot, ie is it possible to run both the Bada as Android.If you dont beleive it just check out the video.
During my testing, I managed to get it to work with some tweaks in tne init.rc However i had to disable audio and it's still not very stable.This makes Bada platform even more interesting.
Just if you are curious , here is a Youtube video in English which tell you the procedure to run Android on samsung wave or bada phone - video link.
Here is official guide by a developer on how to run android on bada or samsung wave s8500 .

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bada 2.0 screenshots leaked

yes guys , signs of imminent bada 2.0 relese have come . bada 2.0 screenshots have been leaked on the web.
Besides  better new looks, the home-screen UI concept has also changed in this version  as there are now  only two home-screen panes. The first change  is the widget section (highlighted with a circle), while the second is  your regular shortcuts. The widgets section is scrollable as before . This version is expected to arrive in July . Asia will get it first folllowed by Europe. Here is a video of bada 2.0 in action too -
Here is list of new features in bada 2.0

Update: now you can install and dual boot Android on Samsung Wave . Here are steps