Friday, April 8, 2011

Samsung Bada 2.0 launch announced for July

Samsung India has revealed that Bada 2.0 will be introduced in India in July ,2011 .
Samsung India is heavily touting for its own mobile operating system Bada. Approximately 10 months have passed since the company first introduced Bada .Now there is already an updated version of this operating system, Bada 2.0, will be released around July this year.
The Samsung announcement executive also claims that Samsung has sold Bada powered handsets in number similar to sales of Android handsets in India.He further stated that will bada 2.0 . Samsung aims to capture 30 % smartphone market by year end.
There is a video proof here which show the Samsung Wave I and II running bada 2.0 On the whole the OS looks pretty good and looks to be in advanced and final stages. Also Samsung has confirmed that bada 2.0 is compatible with the original Wave.. Bada 2.0 has a number of new features which put it on a par with Android. These include multitasking, NFC support and a new version of TouchWiz ( TouchWiz 4 ).
Here is a full list of new features in Bada 2.0
Update : 1. amazing Bada 2.0 screenshots have been leaked . Check it here .
2. According to some high placed sources at Samsung , the date for India launch has been shifted to December with the rest of Asia. This occured due to some bugs discovered in Bada 2.0 that caused crashing of device while browsing the net.


  1. yes , India will be the first country to get Bada 2.0

  2. WILL it be supported on wave 525 ?

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  4. i am waiting for this from long...

  5. yes bada 2.0 release in India is around the corner .

  6. i m waiting for bada 2.0. Now july is going to an end

  7. Hey when is Bada 2.0 going to be released? Still the persons at the customer care tell that it will take 2 months more from now...........

  8. hi Suraj you can download bada 2.0 here