Monday, June 28, 2010

Download Links

Here are the download links to version Archiver Abhinav 2.40
This version can handle zip, tar , jar, thm , tar.gz formats. It can both open and create these format files .
Requirement-J2ME compatible mobile phone. Tested on sony ericsson c902, c905, c901, c510 , C502 , W960 , W995 , W910, W810, W710, W595 .
NOKIA- N97 , N96, N95 , N86 , N70 , E71 , E70, E66 , E61
SAMSUNG , LG - should work if your phone has j2me platform support.


  1. Hey, I'd like to try this, but where is the download link?

  2. hi selerus use this link till we update the site- . i think i know u. are you on opera or esato too?