Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cool calculator widget for Samsung Download

Here is a cool , perfectly working Scientific Calculator Widget for Samsung phones. It works on Bada phones like Wave s8500, s8530 , wave 533 as well as other Samsung phones like Samsung Jet, Monte etc.
This widget has advanced functions of a scientific calculator also . download link here . It can also be minimized in Size so that it does not waste screen space .I have tested it on bada phone samsung wave s8500 , wave 533 personally.
Note: Samsung Wave also has a  in built calculator.If you need its scientific mode then just tilt the phone to landscape mode and get advanced calculator functions.
           1.our Cool 3 in 1 iPhone style date,time day widget is here ( we can assure you willl like it )
            2. Google maps for bada with navigation is available now . See Google maps link
image credit to Badaforums

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