Friday, April 20, 2012

Team Bada Dev Custom Indian firmware s8500 ddlc2

Category: Firmware
OS: bada 2.0.1
Version: S8500DDLC2/S8500BoltysLC2
Phone Model: Samsung GT-S8500
Country: India's modified
Release Date: 20/04/2012
The revision number: 2
Size: 197 MB
Features modifications:
1) Already  preconfigured 
2) 3 language and keyboard interface - English, Russian, Ukrainian  . removed rest all languages which make phone slow.
3) Partially altered ringtones
4) Changed system sounds, and sounds inc. / Off. Phone
5) When connecting to a PC - you can see  available hidden internal phone memory .Yes , you can see all partitions on phone including system memory reserved for Bada apps.
6) Remove all pictures (posted 3 default)
7) Remove useless JAVA applications,
& Added Opera 6.5, Palringo, Google Maps (made icons in the menu)
9)Only firmware where replaced to opera mini 7.0 Next.
8) Made a little different preset to default settings of the phone
9) on a desktop added widgets
10) Added Polaris Office. ChatOn upgraded to latest version.
11) Increased the limit for SMS from 10 to 100
12)Increased the limit for MMS from 10 to 100
12) Ability to take  photos and video from the front  camera
13) Go to the topic of default protection has two threads (one with flash)
14) There is a call recording + Activated SocialHub.
 Replaced Opera Mini 6.5 (Eng) at the Opera Mini Next 7.0 RUS
15)Improved ram management . You can even open large pages on Dolphin browser without getting any error.

Important:As always, Team BadaDev recommends that before and after the firmware installation  to perform the procedure hard reset (the * 2767 * 3855 # )

Download here -  
 ( the download package also includes Multiloader 5.65 . so no need to worry)

Note: 1.please link to this page only as we will update the firmware regularly. Kindly don't link to firmware directly..
       2. we know that the download site is in Russian(sory!) . Just enter the number/captcha and click on greenish button .
    see images below..
and on the next page remove the tick mark . now click on link and your download will start..

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  1. hi i want online on my mobile s8500 2.0 update frimwarw please help me