Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Now Backup samsung wave messages , contacts , apps

Hello friends. Now finally there is a application which enables you to backup your bada phone. you can backup messages, contacts , applications , games using this software.
This software has been tested on S8500 and S8530 ( wave 2 ) only till now. back-up-samsung-wave
You can use this software  before giving it to the service center for repair. You can also use it to backup / save your  messages before flashing the phone.
Note : This is a beta version , so use at your own risk !
Here are the links for download
Link 1
Link 2


  1. it is a very useful tool very thanks.

    Two questions please, after we save the games/apps and flash the phone:
    1- How should upload games toward phone?
    2- Does backed up/uploaded apps work after uploading them?

    Thanks for your answers.

  2. hi haidar ,backed up apps will not work if you update your phone to a newer version of bada firmware..

  3. is there a way by which i can backup at least my contacts without connecting my wave to pc. its sad when u own a smart phone and it doesnt have a necessary feature even a 1500 rs china phone has

  4. Yes Sandy ,just backup your contacts to sim card in that case