Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Live wallpaper running on Bada 2.0 ( video )

Hi friends , our prediction has come true . Live wallpapers are finally available on bada . A video has been posted by Russian blogger which shows live wallpapers running on an unreleased Bada device.
The device runs Bada 2.0 . This means that these wallpapers can also be enjoyed on existing Samsung Bada handsets like Samsung Wave S8500 , S8530 ( wave 2 ) and ofcourse the upcoming wave 3 (s8600 )

What's more- you can now also change your homescreens just like in Android . For example - you can now unlock your phone by connecting dots in a particular fashion  .

For existing Bada 1 / bada 1.2 users they can download live wallpaper here


  1. dude
    wers the link to the theme ur showin in video

  2. Talking tom cat like applications are still missing in Bada. Talking Bada bear is present in Bada 1.1+ in german store. But not able to download for other regions. Can you help me in this issue? Im waiting for your reply!