Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Change language on wave 2 / s8530 and wave 3 / s8600

Hey guys , in this tutorial , you will be learning how to change language on bada 2 handsets. Bada 2 handsets include Samsung Wave 3 ( s8600 ) , s8530 (Wave 2 ) and updated s8500.
So here we start -
   1. From the standby screen, tap Menu.
   2. Select Settings.
   3. Scroll down to General, and Select General
   4. Select Language.
   5. Select Display.
    6. Now choose the desired  language you wish to use by tapping on it. Scroll up and down the screen to see all available languages

Note: you may take help of pictures , if you cant read / understand the originally set language on the phone...


  1. Hello there, Can any one tell me how can I add arabic language fonts on my Samsung Wave III (Gt S8600) mobile. It will be very helpful for me if I could able to get some Information about it. Thank you.