Saturday, July 2, 2011

Stay healthy with bada apps

Now on any Samsung Bada enabled device,bada  users can experience a healthier lifestyle through some of these easy to download, free applications on the App Store by Samsung. Check your blood pressure ,weight , and you  do not even need to go to a doctor for a eye check up!
Just set the  Samsung Wave  against the mat, start yoga practice and the app's  pocket guide will take you  through the entire session. This application is simply unique in its style, because you can create any number of your unique sessions, or play the  pre-made session. Consumers can practice traditional yoga with traditional Vinyasa flow sequencing too.Male and Female voices along with sounds are included .
. Link for My Yoga
My Yoga
My Yoga
Measurement of body weight can help you and your doctor choose the right diet and / or drug regiment to fight diseases such as congestive heart failure. With this application tracker can track of not only your weight but all your family members . Thus  it can help many people in their efforts to lose weight.Link to weight Tracker Weight Tracker
Weight Tracker
BP Tracker allows you to track your blood pressure from day to day. Regular measurement of BP levels may help control a range of issues. Yes, this BP tracker, you can keep a daily log of BP readings.
Link to BP Tracker
BP Tracker
Have you ever wanted to know if your eyes were still good? This application answers this question through a series of tests.
Link to Eye Test
Eye Test
Home Remedies
Using this application you will learn treatments for common ailments home and can enjoy the pleasure of curing. All natural ingredients are used in home remedies, such as fruits, vegetables and herbs that will have no chemicals, no side effects, almost affordable and very clean. So go ahead and use them in everyday life. 

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