Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Samsung Tablet Announced In competetion to Apple iPad

It seems that every one is bent on copying Apple. First it was the iPhone, now its the turn of  iPad. Samsung has confirmed  specifications and features about the device which are as follows-

* 7 inch TFT touch screen (1024 x 600 pixels resolution){unfortunately not Super -AMOLED}
  *Weighing 13 ounces, or "the weight of the coke can."

  * Thanks to the flexible figure, fits the back pocket of your jeans or jacket pocket right inside.
   * This is runnning Google Android 2.2 (Froyo)   operating systems.
    Android 2.2 

*  It supports Adobe Flash 10.1

 * It has two cameras: the back (Flash, DVD-quality video) and on the front for video conferencing and chat features a 1.3 megapixel 3-megapixel.
  * It has  a  powerful hummingbird with 1GHz processor
  * It has 16 gigabytes of onboard memory. It is also expanded
  * Share supports DLNA and streams between supported devices (TVs, laptops)
  * It is rated for 7 hours of video playback battery door.
  * Wi-Fi Model Only "in the near future." Coming .
  * HDMI port with optional accessories, car dock and a docking station and external keyboard is included.
  * The audio and video content through new media hub that Samsung is provided.
Price :about 800 $ worldwide  minimum.
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