Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Picsel Smart Office for Bada updated to 1.5

Picsel UK Ltd, a manufacturer of business productivity applications, today announced the launch of the new version of Smart Office version 1.5 for Bada  smartphones  and other platforms.
The newer version of application allows you to work on any Office document (Word / Excel / PowerPoint) and reading PDF documents with an incredible performance due to  pre-rendering in the phone's memory.This application can view , edit and create documents .

  Another new feature is ability to upload files to Dropbox, to allow other people to access existing files with their respective devices.
 It will enable a better view of the file explorer, will the selection of content (text, image, cell area) .
A similar integration is currently testing for Google Docs, tells Picsel Marketing Manager Zubair Salim.

This means you create and upload a file on your Samsung Wave and your friend can view and edit it on his Samsung Galaxy. In addition , this latest version of Smart Office will also be able to handle the formatting of numbers and calculations
 in Excel, open a document from an attachment post, change your PowerPoint slides, will introduce the "undo".
The product is compatible with all MS Office versions from Office 95 to 2010.
Bada Download link on samsungapps .

note: 1. Google maps for bada ia available here
         2. Cool sleek  Calculator widget for Samsung Wave and Bada is available here

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