Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Top 6 Bada apps for the Samsung Wave

Samsung has released the list of top 6 applications with games and themes downloaded for Bada (Samsung Wave) this month.
It’s not any surprise that the racing games will be at top.Yes, the  “Need For Speed” continues to remain at the top spot on SamsungApps as it’s one of the only mainstream developers to create an app. Samsung themselves have been putting more emphasis on Google’s Android platform with the release of the Galaxy S series of devices. However, it’s never bad to recognize what is popular with those who opted to be different by choosing Samsung Wave (which runs of the Bada OS 1.2 now ). Here are the top 6 apps
1. Need For Speed™ Shift – Electronic Arts

2. Magic Torch – Magic App’s- Amazing app. It lets you use your phone camera led as a torch.

3. BBC NEWS AND SPORT – Samsung Mobile UK-For those who want to stay abreast with latest developments.
4. Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior – Bruce Lee Enterprises, LLC- Good game for those who like wrestling and other arcade games.
5. Chess -Game by an Indian developer.Hence it's so popular.
6. Free Lucy Pindr theme (direct download) - made into the list as it's probably too hot! 
Click the game name to download it from samsung apps store.

UPDATE: here is the new list released by samsung in March-april 2011. see it here

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