Thursday, February 9, 2012

Increase wave 2 s8530 battery life

Hi friends ,in this tutorial we are going to learn how to increase the battery backup of wave 2 ( s8530 ) and wave 3 .
So here is the magic code for longer battery life - Everyone should check this on his Samsung Wave . Type this code on your phone's keypad *#8740# Then, your phone will usually show AP UART Enabled. However in rare cases it may wrongly display CP UART which means that phone will drain battery 40 % faster by trying to connect to cellular networks of different frequencies again and again . To correct it type the same code again ( *#8740# ) then it will Display "AP UART Enabled" .
By this method I was able to increase battery backup of my wave s8530 from 26 to 32 hours .
Also you can get further improvement by following steps :
1.Keep the brightness at a low level. This can be done via settings menu
2.keep wifi turned off when not in use
3.switch from 3G to gsm 850/1900 mode when not using 3G for surfing or video chats .
4. Disable location services i.e. GPS/navigation services when not in use . You should only turn it on when any need gps or location services .You can reach to this option Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Location.

If you follow above steps you can easily boost battery back up of s8530 and wave 3.

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