Thursday, March 10, 2011

Samsung hiring Nokia engineers for Bada

 Here is a good news for bada users. Samsung has decidedly made up it's mind to hire Symbian developers from Nokia as a part of it's strategy to Steer forward its flagship OS ,the bada beyond 2.0

Samsung lure seems to be trying to come to Nokia engineers unhappy with the company's recent strategic shift (to microsoft's windows 7) and work with their own operating system from Samsung system, reports Reuters.
Nokia announced in February that it use Windows Mobile as its main smartphone platform,which signaled a departure from the company's own Symbian operating system. The Finnish mobile phone giant said  on Wednesday that it begin consultation about the new strategy with the unions to  predict the outcome of  the loss of 5,000 in Finland as a consequence of the decision.

Other companies can take to the disenchantment among high-skilled labor Nokia, Samsung as an unofficial newsletter played. "If you're a Symbian developer unhappy about the recent announcement by Nokia, and therefore to show in search of a new platform for their talent, say" Hi! "And" Bada (operating system) are welcome, "said a newsletter written by a Indian unit of Samsung-developers on the web. "If you are new developments in the Bada, or move your application from Symbian, we want to welcome you." Bada is Samsung's platform for mobile phones in the mid to low range smartphone market.
Samsung said that the newsletter is not a formal announcement. It was sent to a worker at an event in India, and that the company did not hire strategically from Nokia.
Link to source- reuters (external link)

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