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Top 5 apps for bada April 2011

   Top 5 apps for Bada

Samsung now has a range of devices that ship with its flagship  Bada OS, the best of which being the recently released Wave II s8530. Samsung has released the list of top 6 applications with games and themes downloaded for Bada (Samsung Wave) this month,April 2011.

It’s not any surprise that the racing games will be in top 5 .Yes, the  “Need For Speed” continues to remain at the top spot on SamsungApps as it’s one of the only few mainstream developers to create an app apart from asphalt. Not to be overshadowed by the sky rocketting of android OS, Samsung is putting  more of heir energies into promoting Bada among the developers. Hence it's good to know  what is popular with those who opted to be different by choosing Samsung Wave (which runs of the Bada OS 1.2 now ). Here are the top 5  apps

Now  at the top of our must have app list for Bada is that of TuneIn Radio. The application provides access to thousands of different radio stations from across the world and features an intuitive and easy to use UI.  It has the coolest visualisation  we have seen in a Bada app ever , that can be accessed by double clicking on the screen while in the player. It even supports multitouch and the orientation sensor!. And best of all it’s absolutely  free!
Coming up  at number two is the Sims 3. We are that Sims has joined the party after Android,iPhone,Windows and mac.. It is a tasty looking application and has thankfully retained the clever control scheme that the app uses on other operating systems.
Number three is Weather Bug, a  neat application for quickly checking upweather in any city of world including forecasts. The app keeps things nice and simple, giving you location-based live weather information including temperature and wind direction.This app derives data from accuweather seen on iPhone 
SmartRunner is at number 4, SmartRunner is a new sportstracking and geotracking application for your Samsung Bada device, which allows you to record your next run, biking trip, hike, walk, ride, or any other outdoor activity and publish them on The application informs you in real time about your average and maximum speed, distance and calories burnt. 
Last but by no means least is Need for Speed Shift.  This app was there even in our last list.

Update: here are top 5 apps to stay healthy for Bada

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