Thursday, March 24, 2011

Video Keeper to download videos from youtube now available

Now finally a working application that can download youtube videos has arrived. This app is called Video Keeper  . This app can download videos from Youtube in upto 720 p (HD) resolution to video folder of your phone.
Earlier this app was available too but at that time the application was called Youtube Downloader HD.

Due to "violations of the terms of use API Youtube" department certification Samsung rejected the program, bringing the developers of BlueSun Entertainment  to rename the application to remove all possible reference to the online service for storing media content, as well as provide a warning at the beginning of the program that no Samsung, no company Creator software will not be liable for downloaded files. At the second attempt Video Keeper has been certified.
New product provides an opportunity to save on your phone almost any video from Youtube with a resolution up to 720p. However few of them cannot be download due to protected of Youtube.But don't worry, almost all video are availble, HD and normal.It works fine on bada phones including S8500 and S8530.
Update ( 22/3/2012 ) Samsung has removed this app from it appstore due to copyright voilations.


  1. hi!!
    the above two links are not working..
    could you please provide any working link?


    1. yup , samsung has removed the youtube download app now..

  2. It's now available again. ^^

    BlueSun Inc.